Quilter Investors

The Coverall form is to be completed and signed by two authorised signatories.

Please note the following:
  • Original/Certified copy of the signatory list must be included
  • Bank Details completed in full (sort code, account number and name
  • Two original authorised signatories must sign the form
  • The form must be addressed to Quilter Investors as Fund Manager
  • The ‘From’ section of the form must state the full registered name and address of the holder - Nominee name, account numbers and designations
  • The italic sections of the coverall form must be completed - Nominee name, account We onlydesignation, name of Company who will place the redemption order
Please send your completed form by post to the following address

Quilter Investors
PO BOX 10278
CM99 2AR

Quilter Investors Files

Quilter Investors Coverall Form - All Designations

Quilter Investors Coverall Form - Specific Designations