Please complete the Coverall form and print on the company's letterhead paper which matches the Rathbone account, noting the following:

  • the coverall form must be signed by two authorised signatories and accompanied by an authorised signatory list
  • bank details must be completed in full
  • Rathbone account numbers must be stated, the wording "all" is not acceptable
  • the "From" section of the form must state the full registered name and address of the holder
  • the italic sections of the coverall form must be completed.

Please send the completed form to the address below:

Administration address

Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited
PO Box 9948         
Essex CM99 2AG

Courier address

Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited 
Adams House
2 Springfield Lyons Approach

Rathbones Files

Rathbones Coverall Form

  • Please be advised, coverall documentation will only settle trades from the date it is applied onwards.
    Renunciation and Registration documents will still be required to settle any outstanding trades.