E-mail Stock Transfers

This service is provided as a contingency arrangement, and we ask that you exhaust all BAU options and workarounds (including where appropriate e-mail to Fax solutions) BEFORE using this solution.

Please note this service is now only supported for Natixis for all other Fund Groups please use the Document Upload Service

A number of Platforms and Distributors have been in touch regarding difficulty with sending in stock transfer forms as a result of the COVID-19 virus which is causing significant disruption to their businesses.  As a result, SS&C is pleased to confirm that we have a temporary solution that we will be supporting during this period of disruption.

We have agreement from some SS&C administered Fund Groups that we are able to accept Stock Transfer requests via e-mail, although this is subject to a specific set of criteria that we would ask you to respect:

  • Stock Transfer Instructions can only be e-mailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If e-mail instructions are sent to any other e-mail address they will be rejected
  • Only stock transfer instructions will be accepted. E-mails on other topics or chasing for confirmations will be rejected
  • This service is offered only for transfers between distributor clients. Any ISA transfers or portfolio transfers to or from individuals will be rejected
  • Every e-mail received will get an acknowledgement:
    • Please use this acknowledgement as confirmation of receipt, not confirmation of processing
    • If you do not receive an acknowledgement it is likely your request has not been received
  • The instruction should be a stock transfer form attached to the email as a PDF, with the necessary accompanying signatures (either physical or electronically)
  • A separate PDF is required for each stock transfer
  • Each e-mail (with associated PDF’s) should only be for one Fund Group e.g. if you have 10 stock transfer forms, 5 for one Fund Manager and 5 for another, send in two e-mails.
  • This attachment should include all information and meet the usual requirements that would constitute an ‘in good order’ stock transfer request
  • The email domain must be recognised by SS&C as belonging to the instructing party.  E-mail’s from personal email domains (i.e hotmail, gmail etc) will be rejected

Failure to comply with these rules will result in your request being rejected. 

We politely request that you do not contact us to confirm receipt, or chase for the item to be processed.  Any such requests will be declined.

What will SS&C do with your instruction?

  • Firstly, a confirmation message acknowledging receipt of the instruction will be provided. This will include the receipt time of your request
  • If the transfer is processed, confirmations will be sent via the usual method for the account in question (by post, confirmation on the distributor portal etc.)

If your deal is rejected we will endeavour to notify you,  but it is important that ALL of the necessary information is provided on the instruction so we can process your request